The Best VICE Photos of 2016

We published a lot of photos in 2016. Here are some of our favorites.

by Elizabeth Renstrom
Dec 30 2016, 9:01pm

I have the great pleasure of being able to produce a lot of original imagery for both our monthly magazine and as the resident photo dweeb here. When I'm not commissioning, I'm trying to actively promote existing work that may not get play elsewhere. In an age where the photo industry is ever changing and everyone thinks they're a part time photographer, I don't take it lightly that I can give artists nearly complete autonomy on their projects.

This loose approach has left me with a variety of worlds ranging from Mauricio Cattelan and Pierpalo's second meat-filled cover for VICE to Tamara Abdul Hadi's exploration of African Migrants bringing 90's Hip Hop Culture to Tel Aviv. It's been a year chock full of these types humbling collaborations that I hope prove editorial photography is still thriving and weird, so I decided to curate a small chunk of my favorites with you.

Vasantha Yogananthan

Annie Collinge

Ayesha Malik

Zak Krevitt

Richard Sandler

Daniel Arnold

Taku Onoda

Masotoshi Nato

Ken Lavey

Jake Naughton

Megan Koester

Maggie Shannon

Kent Rogowski

Michele Sibiloni

Shawn Records

Arthur, an Uber and Lyft driver in LA

Stacy Kranitz

Nathan Bajar

Emman Montalvan

Elliot Ross

John Kilar

Michael Marcelle

Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari

Magdalena Wywrot

Mirka Laura Severa

Molly Matalon

Caroline Tompkins

Natalie Keyssar

Weronika Gesika

Jan Hoek

Chris Maggio

Elizabeth Renstrom

Chuck Grant

Stefanie Moshammer

Ryan Duffin

Signe Pierce

Naomi Harris

Arvida Bystrom

Cait Opperman

Tim Shutsky

Namsa Leuba

Carolyn Drake

Zak Krevitt

Denis Vejas

Antonio Faccilongo

Eva O' Leary

Fryd Frydendahl

Luis Gispert and Jeff Reed

Chase Hall

Stefanie Moshammer

Sue De Beer

Will Widmer

Sam Clarke

Endia Beal

Jill Freedman

Amy Lombard

Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Bruce Gilden

Tim shutsky

Highlyann Krasnow & Mel Stones

Sheida Soleimani

Keisha Scarville

Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari

Meryl Meisler

Jamie Warren

Ryker Allen

Renata Raksha

Mathias Zwick