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Anthony Bourdain Thinks EDM is Ruining Las Vegas

“And where once they used to say cocaine was god’s way of telling you you had too much money now, maybe EDM is,” says a very crotchety old man named Anthony Bourdain

by Lauren Schwartzberg
Apr 23 2014, 10:15pm

Anthony Bourdain, far right, on Dancing with the Stars

Chef and CNN host Anthony Bourdain and magician Penn Jillette are officially nominated for the non-PLUR men of the year.

In Sunday's episode of Bourdain's show Parts Unknown, he flew to Las Vegas to eat fancy food and act as a general buzzkill. While chowing down on some sushi with world renowned magician and ten-year strong Vegas performer Penn of Penn and Teller, the two got into chatting about EDM.

"The thing about magic is—you cannot see it electronically," said Penn, who "simply [does not] understand" EDM. He's obviously never been across the street to one of deadmaus's "Unhooked" residency nights let alone to a six-hour Armin van Buuren show. Regardless, he said Vegas venues are spending less on "real" performers to instead bring in big name DJs. Bourdain asked, "Are we just old? Or are we non-douchey?"

This coming from a guy who flies around the world to eat expensive food and brag about.

Bourdain then went on to say that live Vegas performers are being squeezed out in favor of EDM concerts, "And where once they used to say cocaine was god's way of telling you you had too much money now, maybe EDM is."

If you ever happen to Mr. Bourdain in a club, please glitter bomb him.

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