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JKriv Remixed Pegasus Warning. It's Time to Take Your Pants Off

We know it's cold. Trust us. It'll be fun!

by Jemayel Khawaja
Dec 8 2014, 7:49pm

Pegasus Warning by himself is a distinctly sultry phenomenon. The neo-souled Brooklynite has a grasp on post-apocalyptic panty-droppers that few else can lay claim to. His new tune "Try So Hard" is a synth-fuzzed crooner with a plump, organic bass punctuating affairs while Peggy swoons your ears off with retrospective lyrics on love lost.

When fellow Brooklynite, multi-instrumentalist, and Deep&Disco head JKriv jumped on the remix, matters got a little more upfront and club-ready. JKriv keeps the feel of the track but brings a bossy synth bass into the mix. This story begins a long time ago, though. "Guillermo [Pegasus Warning] and I first met in 1993 playing in Westchester All-County Jazz Band," says JKriv. "Flash forward to a year ago and I was asked to collaborate on a remix of 'Try So Hard.' I really was taken by the song and felt that it was deserving of its own release, with various remix treatments. G agreed, and here we are."

JKriv explains further, "For my remix I really just wanted to showcase the song and amazing vocal performance, and also do something that would be a counterpoint to the other mixes on the record. I kept the original tempo and went 90s hip-hop style with the beats. My favorite production element is the lopsy analog synth bassline."

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Jemayel Khawaja is THUMP's Managing Editor - @JemayelK