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Ghostly Collaborated with Warby Parker Glasses to Cure Your Shitty Merch Blues

The often repulsive idea of buying anything from a label's online store has been turned on its head.

by Ziad Ramley
Dec 1 2014, 7:18pm

Picture the following: You're standing in line for a drink at a Mount Kimbie show when suddenly, a man in an Urban Outfitters blazer and worn-out Converse boots forces his way in front of you. Before you can protest, he turns around and says, "Look, I'm in a hurry and want to get back out there before they play something from Crooks & Lovers." You glance down at his mustard-stained DFA t-shirt, its iconic lightning bolt long worn out from over-wear, and make a mental note to knock his drink over later. This is the exact situation that the words "record label merch" immediately bring to mind and when you factor in the often low quality of materials, the idea of buying an overpriced item from an online store becomes all the more repulsive. Luckily, there are some labels out there that now make quality merchandise that isn't worn by pretentious dick-heads.

To celebrate their 15th anniversary, Ghostly International, the home of Matthew Dear, Tycho, Com Truise, and Shigeto, recently collaborated with Warby Parker to produce four sturdy, utilitarian sunglasses that will not be worn by line-budging assholes. Subtley adorned with Ghostly's iconic logo, they come in aubergine, bourbon, moss, and and black colorways. We like them very much. It's a more lasting (and perhaps more grown-up?) way of celebrating in comparison to the delightful series of parties Ghostly threw for its 10th anniversary (though we wouldn't mind a party either).

You can view the collection here and wish Ghostly a Happy 15th on Twitter.

Ziad Ramley is on Twitter: @ZiadRamley