President Barack Obama, Extremely Chill Dude, Chats to Sway About His Favorite Rappers

Jay-Z is “the king,” Kendrick is “doing amazing work,” Chance is “family,” and President Barack Obama is so cool.
October 28, 2016, 6:20pm

President Barack Obama, dude who just wants to dance to "Hotline Bling" with Usher, has spent the last few weeks sampling the life of an ex-President. He's been stumping for Hillary Clinton, turning up on Kimmel, and throwing parties on his lawn. He's probably going to be a cool ex-president. I hope he chills with Jimmy Carter and teaches him about hip-hop.

This morning, the President called into Sway in the Morning to discuss music, sports, and how Donald Trump is a white nationalist snowman made out of post-liposuction fat. Or something to that effect. Quick rundown of the last two for you here, according to President Obama: Warriors will win the NBA, Patriots will beat the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, Donald Trump hates women and minorities.

Obama didn't flinch when asked who his "top MCs" are, though.

I think the young guys, Kendrick and Chance, are doing amazing work. I love Drake and the girls love Drake. He's commercially just doing great and unbelievably talented. And, you know, Jay-Z's still the king. You know, he's got a track record. Same with Kanye. So yeah, there's a lot of talent out there. But when I look at who's breaking new ground? Kendrick and Chance—those guys are doing just amazing work. And they're wonderful young men.

These takes, while not controversial, are cool and we approve of them. Could the 44th President of the United States have shouted out 21 Savage? Sure, maybe. Could he have mentioned Gucci Mane's relentless work ethic? Probably.

Anyway, what follows is something we kind of all knew already, but remains an nice thought nonetheless:

Chance I've known for years because his dad was my state director when I was a Senator in Illinois. So I met first met Chance when he was eight years old. So we've been family for a while.

Yes, we knew that Ken Bennett worked for Barack Obama in Illinois and, yes, we know that Chance the Rapper is known to and by the President. But the thought of lil' baby Chano meeting a young Barack Obama in Chicago sometime in the early 2000s? That's just delightful.

Watch the whole interview below.

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