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We Made a Cartoon about the Rob Ford Jailhouse Beating Allegations

A second Rob Ford crack tape has emerged, and this time there are screenshots. Robbie was allegedly smoking crack in his sister's basement this past weekend. This is the same sister whose ex-boyfriend, Scott MacIntyre, is suing Rob Ford for having his...

by VICE Canada
May 1 2014, 4:07am

Late last night, the Globe and Mail spun the Rob Ford story back into "crazy town" when they released a screenshot of Toronto mayor Rob Ford holding what appears to be a crack pipe, taken from a brand new video that was supposedly shot this past weekend in his sister's basement. This cracked out bombshell dropped while Robbie should be running the City of Toronto, as he campaigns for the election coming up this fall. In the wake of this not-all-that-surprising crack-video-screenshot-leak, Robbie has taken a leave of absence.

While we all absorb how collosally fucked up all of this is, allow us to remind you of a recent lawsuit that Robbie got mixed up in. His sister's ex-boyfriend, (yes, the same sister he was allegedly smoking crack with this past weekend) Scott MacIntyre, is taking him to court, because he says Rob orchestrated a jailhouse beating while Scott was serving time for drug posession and threatening the mayor's life.

We made a cartoon about that prison beatdown lawsuit, and we figure now is a good a time as any to show you all.

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