This Guy Robbed a Subway and Immediately Took the Money to a Different Sandwich Shop

Sadly, he hadn't yet completed his meal when he was apprehended.

by Mike Pearl
May 6 2015, 12:50pm

Mugshot via Chicago Police Department

It seems Fredrick Warren was hungry when he allegedly robbed a Subway location on Chicago's North Side. But after clearing out the register, he reportedly took their money across the street to Potbelly Sandwich Shop and used it to buy his meal from the competition.

This news came out today via DNAinfo, which reported that Warren went into the Subway in Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood late in the afternoon of April 26. Instead of ordering, he reportedly held up a cashier with a folding knife. A customer walked in while this was going on, and claimed to see Warren reaching over the counter to grab the money in the register. He then allegedly took off with $186, more than enough for a sandwich at either business.

The Subway, via Google Street View

When police arrived, they were able to access surveillance footage from neighboring Loyola University. They saw Warren—identifiable thanks to his distinctive gold jacket—walk across the street, where he disappeared into a Potbelly.

Apart from the need to flee his own crime scene, police have not yet indicated what drove Warren out of Subway and into Potbelly. That chain's locations give a tiny cookie on the straw of each shake and smoothie, a move Yelp user Karissa K. says makes the vibe there more "friendly," so maybe that had something to do with it.

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Since police checking out the surveillance footage didn't see Warren leave the Potbelly, they paid the shop a visit, only to find him still enjoying his sandwich. It's not yet been reported whether he selected original or multigrain bread, or whether he chose one of Potbelly's "Flats," which are favored by calorie counters.

Police claim Warren was carrying the cash and knife when he was apprehended. No injuries have been reported.

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