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This morning, FARC's leader orders the armed rebels to stop buying guns and ammunition, 106 bikers are indicted after a deadly shootout in Texas, Snoop launches his own weed product company, and more.

by VICE Staff
Nov 11 2015, 10:43am

Colombian soldiers charged with fighting FARC (Photo via)

Everything you need to know about the world this morning, curated by VICE.

US News

  • Trump's Migrant Plan Mocked
    Donald Trump's immigration plan—to deport 11 million people and build a giant wall—was ridiculed by Republican rivals during the Fox TV debate. John Kasich said Trump's ideas were "silly", and Jeb Bush said they would drive Hispanic votes toward Hillary Clinton. —The New York Times
  • McDonald's Shareholders Make $30 Billion
    The company has announced it will pay out $30 billion in dividends to shareholders. It follows thousands of service industry workers striking to demand a living wage of $15 an hour from McDonald's and other fast food operators. —VICE News
  • Private Jet Crashes Into Ohio Homes
    At least two people were killed when a small business jet crashed into an apartment building in Akron, Ohio. No one was inside the apartment building, but it is feared all nine passengers may be dead. —USA Today
  • 106 Bikers Indicted
    A grand jury has charged 106 bikers with organized criminal activity after a deadly shootout in Waco, Texas. Nine people died, 20 were injured and 430 weapons were recovered from the clash between rival gangs at the Twin Peaks restaurant in May. —NBC News

International News

  • Russia Has a Peace Plan
    Russia has circulated a plan to end the conflict in Syria: a new constitution put to a popular referendum with 18 months, followed by an early presidential election. The document makes no mention of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stepping down. —AP
  • Colombian Rebels Give Up Guns
    The leader of the FARC, Colombia's largest armed rebel group, has said he has ordered the organization to stop buying guns and ammunition. It marks another breakthrough in talks between the left-wing group and the Colombian government. —BBC News
  • Slovenia Erects Fence
    The Slovenian government has begun putting up a long fence close to the border with Croatia to control the flow of migrants. Since mid-October around 180,000 people have entered the country, a key route for migrants trying to get to Germany. —Reuters
  • Female MPs Thrown Out of Parliament
    Several female MPs were ordered to leave the New Zealand parliament after they declared they had been victims of sexual assault. It followed insensitive remarks the country's prime minister made about the opposition "backing" rapists. —The Guardian

(Photo by Jørund Føreland Pedersen via)

Everything Else

  • Snoop Launches Weed Line
    Hip-hop's proudest pot smoker debuted his new line of cannabis products at a suburban house party in Denver. Snoop asked guests to sample Leafs by Snoop wares "responsibly". —Rolling Stone
  • Video Shows Cop Slam Boy to the Ground
    A new video shows a Florida school resource officer slamming a 13-year-old black student to the ground before twisting his wrist. Mario Badia has been charged with child abuse. —The Huffington Post
  • There Is a Lonely Sea Drone
    The US Department of Defense's research team are about to test a submarine-hunting ocean drone in San Diego. The unmanned vessel will be able to spend months on the ocean surface at a time. —Motherboard
  • Mizzou's Civil Rights Legacy
    With their pivotal recent boycott, the University of Missouri's black football players joined a longstanding tradition of protest. Here's a look at the legacy of activism by African-American athletes. —VICE Sports

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