Feb 24 2010, 2:04pm

Today the greatest animated show in the history of television becomes the greatest animated show in the history of DVDs. Superjail was a 15-minute cartoon seizure that managed to pack more beautiful drawings, visual jokes, and extremely novel manners of death into each episode's climactic fight scene than most comics artists jizz out over the course of their lifetime.

Watching it was both as physically addictive and mentally debilitating as a crack binge, and now that the first season is all packed in one place (with an entire nother season's worth of extras) we're seriously considering installing a catheter rig in our couch. Oh yeah, and they're making a fucking second season. Take that, Wormer!

To celebrate the release of Superjail Season 1 we're going to give brand-new, totally unopened copies of the DVD that we've had hidden under a stack of boring photography books on our desk for the last week to two people. In order to become those two people, however, you must create a piece of Superjail fanart so magnificent and awe-inspiring that show-creator Christy Karacas deems it "abso favesies" (we're making him say that). And in case you've forgotten, the bar has already been set immeasurably high.

Send your submissions to, and if you're a little more fartsy than artsy, go here to buy the DVD with regular money.

In closing, here is a brief Q&A between Christy and Vice's own Alfred E. Numan, Nicholas Gazin:

Vice: I hear Superjail's never coming back. That fucking sucks.
Christy Karacas:
Well, we're writing new scripts now, so it's probably coming back. Just not definitely. But maybe? (I'll lean toward probably.)

Really? Oh man, that's a big relief. I got bad info from a guy who works for Venture Brothers. My second question was going to be "What are you doing instead?" but I guess I'll just make it "Are you up to anything else right now?"
I'm directing/co-ep'ing a new show for Cartoon Network right now that has no name but will hopefully be out in August. It's about a planet of killer robots called 'Insanus' and it's coming along really cool. Also putting the finishing touches on a new Cheeseburger record.

This DVD. Tell me about this DVD. Does it have good special features?
Oh yes. It has animatics for a few episodes (animatics are the rough storyboards timed out before it gets animated) and the music video for the full-length version of the Superjail theme song, "Coming Home," which features a live-action Joe Bradley geting sucked into cartoon superjail. There's also cameo by Tim Harrington (again) in there, too.

That guy.

PS: If that's too brief for you, you could always spend your afternoon curled up with this oldie-yet-goodie.

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