Here's What Power in Canada's Capital Looks Like

Looking behind the clichés, myths, and fairytales created, managed, and perpetuated by the the country's powers that be Tony Fouhse's photo series "Official Ottawa."

by Tony Fouhse
Sep 11 2015, 5:23pm

After four years photographing a group of people with crack addiction in Ottawa, I turned my attention to the opposite end of the power spectrum, from the essentially powerless (or at least, marginalized) addicts, toward how actual power manifests itself in Canada's capital city. My new project, "Official Ottawa," looks behind (or perhaps beside) the clichés, the myths and the fairytales that are created, managed, and perpetuated by the Powers That Be.

Funnily enough, during the entire four years I spent hanging around with addicts, surrounded by drugs, and frequenting crack houses, the cops never bothered me once. But try photographing the places where power resides and you get swarmed by security of all types, from busybody citizens, to city cops, from RCMP, to private security.

You can draw your own conclusions.

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War Museum

Corridor, 3rd floor, Centre Block, Parliament Hill

Prime Minister’s limousine with security detail

Department of National Defense headquarters

Parliament Hill with Leopard tank

Security checkpoint, Parliament Hill

Opening of Parliament

Pierre Poilievre, Minister of State

Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) outbuilding

Set: Power and Politics

Juno, mascot of the Canadian Army

Government buildings, Slater Street

Governor General’s residence

Supreme Court of Canada

West Block, Parliament Hill

Russian embassy

Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) headquarters