Heaven on Earth: A Day with California's Weed Nuns

by Soraya Matos
Jul 28 2016, 9:31pm

The Sisters of the Valley are not your average nuns. For one thing, they're non-denominational. They wear the habit and prize spirituality, but they're not affiliated with any of the churches near their home in Merced, California. Instead, they belong to a highly specialized and devout order—one dedicated to the healing power of weed.

The Sisters—who have become somewhat famous for their homemade salves, tinctures, and oils made from cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis—are active voices in the campaign to normalize weed. But it's been an uphill battle: Earlier this year, a local ordinance effectively made their grow operations illegal; and in March, Etsy abruptly shut down the shop where they sold their products, temporarily shuttering their business.

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None of that has stopped the Sisters. This week, they're showing their support for the legalization of marijuana at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, Merced approved limited medical-marijuana operations this month, which paves the way for dispensaries to open in the city.

Photographer Soraya Matos recently spent a day with the Sisters at their home on the outskirts of Merced, offering a glimpse into an order where tenacity is sacred and weed is a religion.

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