Thirty Percent of Republican Voters Want to Bomb Aladdin's Made-Up Country, According to Poll

They'd blow Agrabah off the map, if it actually existed on maps.

Dec 18 2015, 9:49pm

Results from a new poll by left-leaning firm Public Policy Polling show that—among things like Muslim databases and travel bans based on religion—30 percent of Republican voters support the bombing of Agrabah, the imaginary Middle Eastern country from Disney's Aladdin cartoon.

The people who support wiping Aladdin's home off the map (if it actually existed on maps) also tend to back the inexplicably successful Donald Trump, with 45 percent of Agrabah-bombers saying they would vote for the Donald, according to PPP.

Public Policy Polling has a history of being poll trolls, and they didn't just stick to Republican voters this time around. The firm took to Twitter to say that 19 percent of Democrats also supported an Agrabah offensive, with 36 percent opposed. Apparently voters on both sides of the fence are pretty shitty at geography, some of them are just more bomb-y than others.