The VICE Morning Bulletin

NASA makes a discovery on Mars, Shell stops drilling in the Arctic, anti-gentrification protestors attack a cafe selling expensive cereal, and more.

by VICE Staff
Sep 28 2015, 10:00am

NASA's Curiosity rover on Mars (Photo courtesy of NASA via)

Welcome to the first installment of the VICE Morning Bulletin. Here you'll find a roundup of the day's most important stories from around the world, all in one handy blog post, like a multivitamin of interesting stuff to start your day. With contributions from our global offices, the VICE Morning Bulletin will feature the biggest headlines in the US as well as internationally, and offer a hand-picked crop of culture stories, long reads, weird news, and a VICE documentary each morning.

US News

  • NASA Has Some Major News
    The space agency claims to have solved a "Mars mystery", promising to reveal all at a press conference this morning. Aliens? Probably not; photos suggests scientists may have discovered periodically flowing water on the planet. - CNN
  • Trump: Soak the Rich
    The GOP frontrunner says he wants to raise taxes on the "very wealthy" and halt "unfair deductions" favoring the richest. Trump outlines his tax plans in more detail today. - The Wall Street Journal
  • More Asian Immigrants Than Hispanics by 2065
    New projections indicate foreign-born residents will make up 18 percent of the U.S. population in 50 years time (when the total number of people hits 441 million). The Pew Research Center report also predicts Asians will become the largest immigrant group by then. - The Washington Post
  • Shell Quits Alaska
    Oil giant Royal Dutch Shell will halt drilling operations in the Arctic waters off Alaska. Environment campaigners are delighted, as the company announced it has failed to find sufficient quantities of oil or gas. - Bloomberg


  • Syria Showdown at UN
    Vladimir Putin renews his support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and calls for a "co-ordinating structure" against the Islamic State. It comes ahead of talks between the Russian leader and President Obama on Syria at the UN General Assembly today. - BBC
  • Separatists Claim Victory
    Political parties who want independence from Spain have won control of Catalonia's parliament. The separatist parties did not get 50 percent support of the vote, however, and also look unlikely to win the number of seats needed to declare independence. - VICE News
  • Umbrella Movement Marks Anniversary
    Hong Kong police are patrolling government buildings ahead of pro-democracy rallies. Monday marks the one-year anniversary of the start of protests, which became known as the Umbrella Movement after student activists used umbrellas to shield against police tear gas. - Reuters
  • Typhoon Dujuan Nears
    Thousands of people have been evacuated from Taiwan's outlying islands ahead of Typhoon Dujuan's arrival today. The "super typhoon" is expected to make landfall around 11PM local time. - Al Jazeera

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Everything Else

  • Supermoon Stuns, Even on Instagram
    The world shares some glorious images of the supermoon coinciding with a total lunar eclipse, the first joint event in 33 years. Even Instagrammers got some pretty good shots. - TIME
  • Changing the System: How to Get Involved
    If you watched last night's HBO premiere of the VICE special on fixing America's prison system, you might want to get more involved. Here are some others working for reform. - VICE
  • Riot Police Defend Cereal Store
    Hundreds of anti-gentrification protestors attacked a London cafe selling international cereals. The "Fuck Parade" protestors decided the cafe, which sells bowls of cereal for up to $6.70, was a symbol of rising prices in the UK capital. - The Guardian
  • Silk Road Architect Turns Himself In
    Variety Jones, the man thought to be the architect of the deep web marketplace Silk Road, has made some remarkable accusations against someone he believes is a "bent" FBI agent. He explains why he fears for his life. - Motherboard

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