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Jeff Bezos Is Hacked and Uber Is Capitalism at Its Worst

This week on CYBER, we dive into the hacking of Jeff Bezos and why the world doesn't need Uber.

by Matthew Gault
Jan 23 2020, 7:20pm

Image: Cathryn Virginia

This week, Motherboard obtained a classified report from FTI Consulting that details how Amazon CEO Bezos was hacked by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Bezos made headlines a year ago when he refused to pay alleged blackmail to the National Enquirer over some dick pics the tabloid had acquired. This week we found out that his phone may have been hacked by Saudi Arabia.

“According to the technical report, bin Salman and Bezos exchanged numbers, had dinner in Los Angeles, [and] said hello to each other on WhatsApp,” Joseph Cox, the Motherboard reporter said on CYBER. “A few months later, out of the blue, the bin Salman account sends this video which is a very bizzare out of context little clip about telecommunications...after that, the amount of data traveling out of Jeff’s phone increased exponentially. They believe this is when photos, and maybe some other stuff was stolen.”

Motherboard reporter Edward Ongweso Jr. also comes on to talk about Uber and why the world doesn’t need the rideshare app. “It’s starting to show its face and it’s time to kill it before we’re stuck with it,” he said. “I wonder why, when people understand how integral Uber is to our lives, how integral is and mobility is, that a private company is allowed to intervene. Especially when it’s so royally fucked it up and never made a profit, never actually improved it. It’s made worse congestion, pollution, and traffic accidents. It’s made quality of life in cities substantially worse.”

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