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​Diplo Big-Ups His Detroit Homies on Anna Lunoe's Beats 1 Show, Compares Music to Water

Tune in tonight at 9PM PST.

by THUMP Staff
Oct 9 2015, 3:18pm

News just in: tonight, at 9pm PST, Diplo is slated to appear as this week's "Guest Selecta" on Aussie bass provocateur Anna Lunoe's weekly Beats 1 show. According to a press release, the producer will spin selections from Major Lazer, Gilligan Moss, 2 Chainz, LCD Soundsystem, and others, and in addition to chatting about the global success of tracks like "Lean On." As you can hear in the below exclusive preview of the show, he also takes a moment to shout out his favorite house acts of the moment—Oliver Heldens and MK—and, notably, MK's hometown of Detroit.

"A lot times when I hear about house producers—people like MK, the classic guys who are big on the radio in Europe and London—I always think they're going to be jerks, like house purists," Diplo explains. "But MK is just the coolest dude—he's at every party, just [with an] open mind. All the techno guys, honestly—everyone from Detroit is like on another level, just so happy about music and happy about being where they are and what they do, and [they've] always treated me with so much love and stuff."

Inspired by his Detroit homies' example, he goes on to wax philosophical about the importance of keeping a musical open mind. "I think anybody who discriminates against music for whatever reason—they're kind of holding back the way music is supposed to develop." he says. "Because music is like water, you know? If you put a box of water on every corner, it's going to fill up, it's going to find a hole and go through that, and it's going to find places to take over. You can't really control the way things flow. That's what music does, you know?" Listen to the excerpt of the interview below—and if you're around at 3PM PST, make sure to also tune in to a new weekly show from Ex-Swedish House Mafioso Eric Prydz, replete with unreleased tracks and live sets from Cafe Mambo in Ibiza.

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