The Editors' New Groove Vol. X

New tunes from Chromeo, DâM-FunK, Shed, and more should make it a hell of a lot easier for you to dance this weekend.

Jan 11 2014, 12:03am

The Editors' New Groove is a weekly pow-wow on the freshest new releases on THUMP's editors and regular contributors' radars.

Evil Fred - "Get On," "Back Out"
If you can't recognize a Shed track when you hear it, then you don't deserve to know about his records. That seems to be the very fair policy behind Rene Pawlowitz's most recent releases, many of which have appeared under fresh monikers without much more than a wink from the track description authors at Hardwax. Two of his latest, "Get On" and "Back Out," bear all the hallmarks of a devastating Pawlowitz techno hit: on both sides, a booming kick drum and persistent hi-hats underpin tides of sub-bass and watercolor pads. (Elissa Stolman)

Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway - "Wizard"

According to Martin Garrix's Wikipedia entry, he was playing guitar at the age of four. Fuck off. When I was four, I was dancing around naked in a sombrero. They are obviously putting meth in the water in Holland to make these DJs so prolific. Garrix is 17 now and making tracks like this perfect formulaic festival banger, while I'm… well, nevermind. This Beatport #9 is so obvious you could puke but goddamn if it doesn't make me want to do poi, fire sticks, gloving, glowstick twirling, and finger spellcasting all at the same time. (Vivian Host)

DâM-FunK - "I Wanna Be With You"

The year was 1992, and the man who would become Dam-Funk was still a wee little runt living in Pasadena, California. This early effort is a fine example of bedroom-produced funk, the smog of nostalgic sleaze that envelops his later work already made evident. Plus, young Dam's vocals are exquisite. (Michelle Lhooq)

Gina Turner ft. Tony Colorado - "Shake" (Douster Organ Remix)

While you listen to this rad 90s retro house rub from Douster, ask yourself, "What if this was your mom saying 'Shake dat ass' all sexy on this track?" Gonna throw down some baby powder and house my body in a slush storm while I wish I was on Holy Ship taking pregnant Gina's yoga class. (Vivian Host)

Wande Coal - "Rotate"
If there's a line in the sand separating azonto from afrobeats, it's not very clear. The biggest determinator seems to be whether or not you're in London. While this track is from Nigera, where azonto is as popular as it is in its homeland of Ghana, it was on an afrobeats mixtape released earlier this week by Brackles, the Rinse FM stalwart. As a producer long affiliated with UK electronic music, Brackles has the clout to bring the sound to new audiences—whether that's necessary or not. I've admittedly been sleeping on my azonto as of late, so I'm glad to be made awares of this tune. (Mike Steyels)

Lord Of The Isles - "301 C Symphony"

The atmosphere that Edinburgh's Lord of the Isles creates with old FM synths seems much warmer than this drizzly winter nonsense going on outside my window. Basically, he's the master of making music that I want to crawl inside. (Joel Fowler)

Rain Dog x Robot Koch - "Nexus"

I never know how to pronounce "Koch." There was a persnickety administrator at my elementary school named Mrs. Koch, and she pronounced it like "coke." But then there's Ed Koch, the former mayor of New York, and he pronounces it like "kotch." But I digress. The point is that Rain Dog's album comes out in three days and since I've already heard it, I can vouch that it's amazing. (Max Pearl)

Chromeo - "Come Alive ft. Toro Y Moi"

Always love me some new tunes from tha certified funk lordz, especially when they join forces with Chaz from Toro y Moi, another really funky dude. Their upcoming album hopes to be the holy scripture of all things sexy for the upcoming year and should make it a hell of a lot easier for white people to dance. (David Garber)

Loft Apartment - "Someone's Will" (KR$CHN Remix)

Loft Apartment sounds like a band name that some dirty white Bushwick types would have. I've been a part of that whole scene, and it had its charms, but only so many. Luckily, this is a remix that brings none of that to mind. Chicago's KR$CHN takes the tune and lays it out on the couch, so just chill with your girl or man under some clean sheets, and let your stresses dissipate like your breath in the cold. (Mike Steyels)

Huxley & Sam Russo - "Don't Undastand" (Honey Dijon's NYC Mix)

While you're busy reading the Mixmag comments and arguing over whether or not Duke Dumont qualifies as deep house, I'll be over here dancing to Honey Dijon remixes. This diva is legendary. (Max Pearl)

Ebony Cuts - "Carrie On"

Maybe it was the repeated screenings of the Star Wars cantina scene, but to this day, I'm still a sucker for mallets. This chuggy number on Kojak is no exception. (Joel Fowler)

Casino Gold - "All I Need"

When The Magician chooses a track to start off one of his "Magic Tapes" then you know it's going to be something that will suck you into a wormhole of melodic bliss. This track "All I Need" from Casino Gold utilizes a popular sample from Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell's "If This World Were Mine", the same of which was used by Chris Malinchak in his summertime anthem, "So Good To Me." Let this warm and buttery heater send your wintery bones all the way into the weekend. (David Garber)

Galcher Lustwerk - "Global Style"

It hasn't even been two weeks since the Brooklyn-based Dome Grunge label unleashed 50 cassette copies of Pacific Psychedelia Tapes, but they're all already sold out. It's not hard to see why the tapes flew off the shelves, as the tracklist is stocked with soothing, ambient-leaning exclusives from White Material affiliates Galcher Lustwerk and Alvin Aronson. On "Global Style," one of Lustwerk's additions, a glittering synth pad creeps slowly into the foreground of a blunted house beat. (Elissa Stolman)

Benji B Alarm Call

This is an actual alarm clock tone for all you lazy motherfuckers who can't crawl out of bed even after hitting snooze for the fifth goddamn time. If I don't get to sleep, then you don't either. WAKE. UP. (Michelle Lhooq)