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Club Music Collective Classical Trax Just Dropped a Hot New Compilation

Jamz! is a stone cold classic from the crew taking over the world.

by Josh Baines
Oct 27 2015, 5:22pm

Longterm THUMP readers will know by now that we're massive, massive fans of DJ Ruckeurt/Matt Lut'z gobally minded super-positive collective of club music makers and appreciators, Classical Trax. This morning we woke up to something wonderful, something glorious, something incredible. We woke up to Jamz!, a brand new compilation that showcases just how diverse the group's efforts are.

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Spanning everything from polyphonic ringtone nightbus grime to minimal bmore house, demonic subwreckers to cut glass Radar Radio ready club heaters, Jamz! is the sound of a hivemind cooking on gas to bring us some us the straightest fire of 2015. Or something. Rather than listening to me droning on about it, why not stream the whole thing for yourself below:

Of the record, Lutz says, "We are very proud to present one of our finest compilations to date...Jamz! The compilation features some incredible and genre-bending tunes from some of the best and brightest in the CT family!" Isn't that nice? Also nice is the pseudo-flyer artwork that accompanies the release, designed by Tom Handy.

Cor! In addition to all that, you can buy the record for any price you like over at Bandcamp. Do your bit and support one of club music's fastest growing institutions.

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