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Music by VICE

Riton Embraces Stalker Vibes With "I Am the Whisper"

We will never be apart.

by VICE Thump
Aug 27 2014, 11:26pm

I am the walrus. I am the alpha. And the omega. I am legend. I am the cheese. There are so many things that I could be. But the best thing I could be is the whisper. Because the whisper is sexy as fuck. English producer Riton, whose debut release on OWSLA's sub-label Nest is simply titled "I Am the Whisper," knows this. His vocalist, Molly Beanland, definitely knows this. That's why she's whisper-talking over Riton's deep, growling bassline and acid coil synths, saying things like, "I am the whisper. I am the eyes. In the shadow. We can never be apart." Slightly stalker-y, but still chill. 

Riton's I Am the Whisper EP is out September 2 on Nest 

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