semi ojeleye

Watch this Goddamned Semi Ojeleye Dunk

SMU's Semi Ojeleye unleashed a vicious dunk against USC.

by Sean Newell
Mar 17 2017, 9:21pm

It's been kind of a quiet tournament so far for extreme highlights, but SMU's Semi Ojeleye is doing his best to make some noise. The Mustangs are currently going back and forth with Play-In Game winners USC, and Ojeleye is here to make sure that SMU actually cares whether or not my bracket continues to burn. Ojeleye tracked a missed three from the other side of the court, skied over a USC defender haplessly attempting to box out, corralled the ball with one hand, and stuffed it home, all in one violent motion.

You know a dunk is good when it leaves the booth hooting and hollering immediately after; as college achievements go, "rendering Reggie Miller even more unintelligible than usual" is something that would improve any resumé. Aside from the reaction, which is top-notch, my favorite part of this dunk might actually be the guttural yawp Ojeleye unleashes as he does it. There is also this:

Semi Ojeleye is my favorite player.