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Allan Rayman and Jessie Reyez Haunt Your Dreams in New Video "Repeat"

A breakup can really mess with your head.

by Sarah MacDonald
Jul 28 2017, 3:37pm

Image via Vevo

Breakups are hard, which is truly the least profound thing you will read today. But when they happen, no matter how rudimentary the practice is in hindsight and that they are something we all go through, we still find ourselves consumed by them. We go through the motions and stages of grief, almost, and apply that to our fractured hearts. For his new video "Repeat," featuring the excellent break out Toronto singer Jessie Reyez, Allan Rayman tackles the more haunting qualities of how a breakup may manifest in our unconscious. Because you can't control your dreams, they sometimes fuck up your breakup process that much more.

In the video, Reyez opens by singing about "libraries of all these memories" with visuals of a birthday party and popping balloons, looking more sinister than anything else. For the rest of the video, we're taken on a tour of Rayman's brain, seeing burning records and flowers, hearing him croon over before dark R&B beats. Rayman himself, then, gets stabbed, wandering around with a knife in his heart. The video ends with a peculiarsequence featuring masks. The video is a trip, to say the least.

Watch it below:

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