Reddit Confession Murder Suspect Arrested in Texas

The Ontario man had been on the run for two months.

by Allison Tierney
Jul 12 2017, 3:46pm

Instagram image

Ager Hasan, the 24-year-old from Ontario suspected of murdering his girlfriend, has been arrested in Texas after nearly two months on the run. He previously had evaded being caught by crossing the border into the US, reportedly being spotted in Pennsylvania within a day of the murder, and on May 20, in Tennessee. A Reddit post appeared shortly after Hasan's girlfriend, Melinda Vasilije, of Kitchener, Ontario, in which the author claimed responsibility for the murder and detailed how it happened.

Vasilije died after being stabbed on April 28 in an apartment she shared with a roommate. Police called it a targeted attack.

Before his arrest in Texas on Tuesday, an account appearing to belong to Hasan posted once again on Instagram. The account previously was updated in June, including a post rejecting police's assertion that Hasan was headed for Mexico. The most recent post, from this week, read: "I'm coming home. It's time to end the dark path I've been traveling and give people the closure they deserve."

Another posted the same day appears to show a number of photos of Vasilije and Hasan, the caption below it alluding to their relationship:

"The fights and arguments we got into were about miniscule things… Communication is what led to the downfall of us. I hope justice is served and punishment is given accordingly to what happened that night."

Authorities have not confirmed that the Instagram belongs to Hasan.

Waterloo Regional Police said Hasan had been in "sporadic" contact with investigators via email since the warrant was issued for his arrest, Global News reports. Police have received tips from the public on the case and encourage others with information to come forward.

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