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Weaves Definitely Started the Fire in “Walkaway” Video

Burn it all down, start again.

by Sarah MacDonald
Aug 23 2017, 3:43pm

Sometimes you have to burn everything to really start over. And that's fine! Figurative "burning" works well enough but Toronto's garage rock band Weaves take that sentiment very literally in their new video for "Walkaway." The latest single from their upcoming sophomore, Wide Open, (out in October), is true to Weaves fashion: the track is a jangly, playful rock jam that you can certainly dance to, but singer Jasymn Burke's vocals are so poignant, often a little heartbreaking with lyrics to match. Burke sings on the track, "I look down at the road/ I see the creature squirm/ I don't want to be paved by" and "Walkaway, walkaway girl/ if you know what's good to do/ Walkaway, walkaway girl/ if you know what's good for you."

The video, directed by the group's own Morgan Waters, begins with them wandering around an open field on a sunny day, playing on a little rocking horse. But it swerves though, and we see a singed group, standing near a bonfire, as though it has gone… horribly wrong in some kind of way. Perhaps it didn't, and it is extremely right, and the burning of tables and cavalierly drinking Budweiser, and smoking cigarettes is cathartic. It certainly seems so near the end, as the group, perched on a hill with a full moon peeking behind them, look almost serene.

Watch the video above.

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