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K¥LO Is Lovesick On the Electro-Pop Lightsaber Sizzler "Your Eyes"

Yearning but make it danceable.

by Hillary Gillis
Jan 12 2018, 3:04pm

You probably haven't heard of K¥LO (not to be confused with this Kylo) but that’s not to say you won’t be into what she’s offering. A soft, sweet slice of contemporary electro-pop, K¥LO’s new track “Your Eyes” is sad and bouncy with tightly chopped loops spiraling into the ether. Produced by MSA, this new track will be featured on her third EP, EXIT, set to be released this summer. The video for the track shows a couple engaged in the high highs and lowest of lows of young love; navigating their feelings while set against a metropolitan backdrop.

Kayla Dunbar is the 26-year-old Ontario native behind the catchy ear-worm and has been making music in some form or another for the past twelve years, yet only started performing as K¥LO in 2014. With musical influences ranging from Tove Lo and BANKS to Neil Young and Dolly Parton, “Your Eyes” oozes the electronic unease of a relationship that’s just too good (extremely toxic) to quit. Fleeting feelings of a serial lover are woven through layered, airy dynamics of a pleasant, descending/ascending scale, reeling you in before spitting you out.

“I get most of my inspiration from personal experiences—relationships, friendships, personal struggles. But also, [Toronto] is pretty inspiring. Everyone here is really dedicated and doing something special of their own and you can just feel it,” K¥LO says. She continues: “A lot of my music is about love and heartbreak, which I think is something a lot of people can relate to. You can listen to it on your own in your bedroom, or at a party.”

Watch the video above.

Hillary Windsor is a writer living in Halifax. You can follow her on Twitter.