The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump accuses Russia of helping North Korea, bus fire in Kazakhstan kills 52, John Kelly said to dub Trump campaign wall promise "uninformed," and more

by VICE Staff
Jan 18 2018, 4:00pm

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Everything you need to know about the world this morning, curated by VICE.

US News

Trump Miffed with Russia Over North Korea
The president claimed the Kremlin was assisting Kim Jong Un’s regime in getting around sanctions designed to stop its missile and nuclear development programs. “Russia is not helping us at all with North Korea,” Trump said. “What China is helping us with, Russia is denting. In other words, Russia is making up for some of what China is doing.” Trump also said the US was ordering more missile defense systems.—Reuters

John Kelly Reportedly Calls Trump’s Wall Promise ‘Uninformed’
In a meeting with Democrats from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the White House chief of staff reportedly said some campaign comments had been “uninformed,” referring to Trump's pledge to build a wall along the entire US southern border. Kelly later told FOX News that the president “has evolved in the way he looks at things.”—The Washington Post

DHS Making Haitians Ineligible for Low-Skilled Work Visas
The Department of Homeland Security was set to prohibit citizens of Haiti, Belize, and Samoa from securing seasonal and agricultural work visas. Explaining changes to H-2A and H-2B visas, the DHS said Haitians who received them in the past “have demonstrated high levels of fraud and abuse and a high rate of overstaying.” Haiti was among the nations the president reportedly called out in the same meeting he decried “shithole countries" in Africa.—NBC News

US Military Will Remain in Syria, Tillerson Says
The Secretary of State said the US would need to retain an indefinite military presence in Syria to make sure it did not become “a platform or a safe haven” for terrorist groups, including ISIS. Speaking at Stanford University, Tillerson explained the Trump administration still wanted to see President Bashar al-Assad removed, but said it would require “patience.”—VICE News

International News

North and South Korea to Appear at Olympics Under One Flag
Competitors from the two countries will appear together at next month’s Winter Olympics opening ceremony using the same “unification” flag, following talks between their respective officials. They have also agreed to enter a joint women’s ice hockey team at the games in Pyeongchang.—Al Jazeera

Ethiopia Releases Hundreds of Political Prisoners
Ethiopian authorities have freed opposition figurehead Merera Gudina and 115 others locked up in a prison outside the capital Addis Ababa following last year’s anti-government protests. Another 361 people were let go from jails in the country's southern region. The government recently promised to “widen the democratic space for all.”—AP

Bus Fire in Kazakhstan Kills 52
Only five of 57 people managed to escape the bus alive after it caught fire in Kazakhstan’s Aktobe region Thursday morning, officials said. The bus was reportedly carrying passengers between Uzbekistan to Russia.—BBC News

Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Suspect
Armed police fatally shot a Palestinian man Thursday during an Israeli raid on a home in the West Bank. The man killed, identified by Palestinian officials as Ahmed Ismail Jarrar, was said to be a suspect or person of interest in the murder of a rabbi in the West Bank last week. Two Israeli officers were injured and at least one other Palestinian was arrested in the raid.—AP

Everything Else

Rachel Brosnahan Regrets Appearing in Woody Allen Film
Brosnahan is the latest actress to express remorse about collaborating with the director. She said appearing in Crisis in Six Scenes was “the decision… that is the most inconsistent with everything I stand for and believe in.” Allen’s adopted daughter Dylan Farrow again accused him of sexually assaulting her as a child in a new interview with CBS This Morning.—The Hollywood Reporter / CBS News

Gucci Mane to Make Biopic of Autobiography
The rapper told fans on Twitter that a movie version of his memoir The Autobiography of Gucci Mane “is coming to a theater near you.” Mane suggested he would direct it, and raised the possibility of a new film company by using the hashtag #1017Films.—Billboard

Brigitte Bardot Calls #MeToo Activists ‘Ridiculous’
The legendary French star claimed many actresses were making up claims of sexual assault and harassment “so we will talk about them.” Bardot told Paris Match magazine: “The vast majority are being hypocritical and ridiculous.”—AFP

'Fire and Fury' to Become a TV Series
Michael Wolff's controversial bestseller Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House is set for a television adaption after Endeavor Content bought the rights in a deal reportedly worth millions. Wolff was said to be slated as an executive producer on the project.—VICE

Fake News Awards Link Led Only to 404 Error
The president, who promised to give prizes to his least-favourite news organizations, tweeted out a link to his “Fake News Awards” Wednesday night. But anyone who clicked on the GOP website page found only a 404 error message.—VICE News

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