San Jose Sharks Fans Boo During Anthem, Make Singer Screw Up Lyrics

Las Vegas Knights fans have a tradition where they yell "Knights" during a portion of the Star Spangled Banner. Sharks fans don't want any part of it.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
May 3 2018, 4:20pm

Photo by Kirby Lee—USA TODAY Sports

In the short-lived traditions of the recent NHL expansion team, the Las Vegas Knights have picked up a pretty charming habit of screaming the word "Knights" when the lyric "night" is sang in the national anthem. You know, as in, "gave proof through the___." (But Colin Kaepernick is disrespectful!)

And apparently, last night in San Jose's SAP Center for Game 4 of their second round series with the Knights, no one warned the national anthem singer that Vegas fans might try to take this tradition on the road. Either Sharks fans tried to preemptively cut off the smattering of Vegas fans who made the trip, or they tried to drown out the fans who actually did yell "Knights!" Whatever the case, it severely distracted the anthem singer, causing her to falter a bit and come up with this gem:

I'm pretty sure the lyric isn't "gave proof through the knights that our star was still there." You could either say that she was shocked or scared into messing up. Or was just inspired by Knights fans' creative interpretation of the lyrics? Because she's still right: the star was indeed still there.

Anyway, the Sharks came away with a 4-0 win to tie up the series, so maybe it's time for the Knights to rotate their superstitions.

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