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JiMMY B’s ‘Return of the JiGGY’ EP Is a Hymn for “The Ends”

Scarborough is showing the world what it's made of once again.

by Phil Witmer
Jun 22 2016, 2:05pm

Photo by Maggie Elizabeth

“Scarborough made the world stop,” raps Toronto MC JiMMY B on the opening track of his new EP Return of the JiGGY. He’s not wrong, as the so-called “Ends” have become something like Toronto’s Queens or Bronx in terms of nurturing and producing consistent rap artistry. Avoiding simple turn-ups or R&B intimacy, JiMMY spins street tales, anxiety apparent in his high-pitched rasp. He laments a missing father on “Ro$e Gold” and wards off outsiders on “In the Ends.” Money Montage’s production is often somber, especially on the cellos of “Connect," but he also finds time for the hyped-up “Back Up in It” and its gated 80s snare fills.

“2016 is a very important year," says JiMMY B. "The hiatus is over. The project simply refers to my return. R.O.T.J is entirely produced by OGG’s Money Montage who sonically crafted a canvas for me to paint over. I am the epitome of JiGGY, it’s all about being confident, having swagger and getting it by any means necessary. It’s a mindset. It’s a way of living. This is my story. Batter up.” Stream Return of the JiGGY below and also be sure to watch the video for "In the Ends" here.

Phil Witmer is a Noisey Canada staff writer. Follow him on Twitter.