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Redway's New Song "Eat" Features a Wondagurl Sample of Capleton's "Slew Dem"

Is Wondagurl the new Timbaland? Does that make Redway the new Missy Elliott?

by Noisey Canada Staff
Jan 29 2015, 4:24pm

In an effort to continue to be the 2015 version of Timbaland and Missy Elliott, Redway and Wondagurl collaborate again on Redway's new song "Eat". The track has Redway reminiscing over his spotted past and talking about the realities of growing up around crime, in addition to chastising people who only talk the talk. The song didn't appear on Redway's 2014 project Years Ahead but fits within the narrative of the album, especially with the ghostly and drum-heavy production from Wondagurl. When we spoke to Wondagurl she talked about how Capleton was one of her favourite artists, and she demonstrates her fanaticism by flipping "Slew Dem" into menacing beat that's ready to be rapped on.