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Humours Rip On 'The Onanist' EP and It's Totally OK to Let Them Watch Your Kids

Stream the new EP via Eolian Empire in full.

by Jamie Ludwig
Apr 22 2015, 2:15pm

Portland’s Humours is a four-piece comprised of seasoned musicians who have done time with area heavyweights including Rabbits, Honduran, Usnea, Stoneburner, and 1939 Ensemble. A couple of them even teach at the Portland School of Rock. I don’t have kids, and if I did I’d hardly qualify for “Mommy Blogger of the Year,” but I can say with certainty after checking out Humours’ debut EP, The Onanist, that these dudes could teach your little one–or anyone–a thing or two about the “Devil’s Music” (though you might want save that “onanism” chat for the privacy of your home).

Recorded by vocalist/guitarist Jared “Fester” See at his Haywire Studios, The Onanist fuses muscular post-punk, mood-shifting, mountainous prog, and melodic vocals into a thick, dynamic mass that See describes as, “More or less an episodic study of malignant narcissism culminating in a cathartic realization. Or at least it's kind of supposed to be.” Whatever it is, within just four tracks (including standout closer, “Dog Shredder”), Humours covers major ground, due in part to their ample studio access. “Since I do the production work, we have the luxury and the handicap of allowing writing, recording and mixing to sort of bleed into each other,” says See. “This means there's a fair amount of agony involved for me as a detail-obsessive engineer, but there's also a downside. Haha. Seriously, I’m here all week.” Humour aside, if you like weird, dense, rock, listen to The Onanist now and watch for a full LP (covering “Murder, shame, guilt. Also moths.”) later this year.

The Onanist is out now on Eolian Empire Records.