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Selena Gomez Goes out of Her Way to Not Keep Her Hands to Herself in the "Hands to Myself" Video

Welcome to Selena's stalker fantasy... sort of.

by Kyle Kramer
Dec 22 2015, 3:38pm

Selena Gomez's album Revival is hot: I don't mean that it's "Selena Gomez all grown up" or "Selena Gomez, now as a sex symbol," or some other creepy formulation. I mean, quite literally, that the music is sexy. It's music that you want to find yourself listening to as an adult, in an adult situation. It's sensual and subdued and clever and mature. Selena's voice doesn't overwhelm you; it quietly wins you over with little flourishes and moments of empathy.

There's nowhere that's truer than on "Hands to Myself," the breathy taking-clothes-off anthem that finds Selena melting into the most adult territory of the album. She sings about what she claims are "all of the doubts and the outbursts" but really sounds like "all of the downs and the uppers" making love to each other. It's, uh, open to interpretation. But the drug one certainly sounds more adult and fucked up!

To help with interpreting the song, there's now a video, in which Selena plays out a stalker fantasy and sneaks into a super hot actor dude's super sexy house and then takes her clothes off and fantasizes about said dude. How will it end? Well, let's just say there's a cinematic twist. Watch it below:

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