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Never Forget How Much David Letterman Loved Your Drums: A Video Tribute

Doesn't matter if they're rented or not, good drums are good drums.

by John Hill
May 22 2015, 3:02pm

Look, there's a million pieces floating on the internet right now about why people are going to miss the heck out of David Letterman—from his wide variety of guests, to his knife-edge wit and reluctance to let a guest's bullshit slide. Or maybe involving himself and his show in a bizarre wrestling feud between Memphis wrestling legend Jerry Lawler and weirdo Andy Kaufman. But who gives a damn about any of that, really? What actually matters is the man loved a good lookin' set of drums. This video is kind of old, and maybe you've seen it before, but who cares. Dave's career is over. We gotta celebrate his legacy! And his love of drums! It's the most important aspect of the man, given how much music matters to the show and the people running it. Didn't matter what kind of music you played: from metal to alt-rock to corny 12-horn section setpieces, if you had a good kit backing your band Letterman would want to hang out with you. Drums, baby!

David Letterman