Is Hozier's Hit Single "Take Me To Church" a Feist Rip-Off?

"'Take Me To Church?' Maybe Feist should take him to court." - Chilly Gonzales
September 28, 2015, 3:50pm

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2014 was a great year for pop-mystic Hozier and his nu-wave true religious hit “Take Me To Church.” Lauded for breaking the mold of the usual uptempo singles with its heartfelt chords, the song peakws at number two on the billboard charts while turning Hozier into a star. However, if pianist Chilly Gonzales’ long-running Pop Music Masterclass deconstruction of the single is to be believed, Hozier’s single is a rip-off of Canadian treasure/ pop act Feists’ “How Come You Never Go.”

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Feeling feist-y, Gonzales, who contributed to production to the Feist single, calls out the “crazy coincidence” and identical nature of both songs. From the eerie resemblance between the implementation of the slow triple time rhythms and waltz-like construction chords, and...well you can hear it for yourself. It serves to note that Gonzales has noted similar Feist-like strains in previous songs like “Marvins Room” which he also had a hand in. But to know that Feists’ version came out a year prior also makes this accusation pretty damning. Or in other words, Hozier’s future lies somewhere between financial funeral marches and several days in court.

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