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Snak the Ripper Time Travels to The Start of His Rap Legacy In “Memories”

“Can’t change the past, it’s gone for good, don’t waste your energy.”

by Devin Pacholik
Jul 12 2016, 1:36pm

Photo via YouTube

Underground rap titan Snak the Ripper gets sentimental in his latest video for “Memories.” The C-Lance produced track from the B.C. rapper’s From the Dirt album is an introspective history lesson from the figurehead of the Stompdown Killaz hip-hop movement. You can read an in-depth piece on that here. Director Stuey Kubrick blended found footage from Snak’s past for the video. The rapper recounts his grimy beginnings as a punk vandal as he raps, “Can’t change the past, it’s gone for good, don’t waste your energy,” and catalogues his wild youth, struggles, and cherished moments. These days, he says his life is “kinda like a movie.”

“When [the director] Stuey and I started shooting we had an idea to put some old photos in the video to match up with some lyrics,” says Snak. “While I was searching for pictures I found a box full of 8mm video tapes. Stuey went to the flea market and bought a handy cam for $40 and we started watching the tapes. It was a trip because a lot of the stuff I talked about on the track ended up being on these video tapes and I didn’t even known it. I filmed most of my teenage years and had it stashed away in my closet since 1998. It’s crazy when things work out like that.” Watch “Memories” below:

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