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White Hex Are Two of the Most Stylish People Who Will Ever Break Into Your Home

The Melbourne duo are on the doorstep and they're not spruiking 'The Watchtower'.

by Noisey Staff
Jul 12 2014, 11:02pm

So this comes with a spoiler alert but White Hex’s new video features perhaps the only ever home invasion where the victim is bathed, shaved and served a chicken dinner.

Taken from the duo’s second album Gold Nights, the video for “Paradise” was shot and directed by Melbourne musician and filmmaker Devin de Araujo and stars White Hex’s Jimi Kritzler and Tara Green as well as David Ward who gets a good old fashioned beating/scrubbing.

De Araujo’s up-close framing (that brings to mind the claustrophobic violence of Rowan Woods 1998 film The Boys) contrasts with the shallow focus, subtle color palette and the songs lush synth wall.

“No excuses, no demands” coos Tara before her boyfriend roughs up Ward in a hallway.

The follow up to Heat, the Melbourne duos 2012 debut, Gold Nights was produced by Forces’ Alex Akers and explores Italo disco, minimalist techno and dark pop.

We chat to Tara to find out more about forced entry.

Noisey: Whose idea was it to film a home invasion?

Tara Green: It was an evolution from a robbery idea we had and then along with Devin we added some creepy events in.

David Ward is compelling. Is he a trained actor?

David Ward is the best, he trained at NIDA and has been working in commercials ever since.

What did you think of Jimi's acting?

Through past experience in front of the camera together I had quite low expectations but in the end he was spectacular.

Who cooked the chicken or was it a Safeway deli rotisserie deal?

It was a 'bake in a bag' Aldi free-range chook and I cooked it to perfection. The scene where we were eating was the last one shot, so we all sat down and enjoyed a post shoot dinner together.

The ending is ambiguous. Are you walking into your own home or about to do it again to someone else?

Doing the rounds in the neighbourhood...

‘Gold Nights’ is available in Australia and New Zealand through It records and the rest of the world through Felte.

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