Watch Purity Ring Perform Inside Electro Cocoons for “Begin Again” on 'Kimmel'

The Edmonton duo put out the goods along with a rainforest inspired light show.

by Jabbari Weekes
Oct 13 2015, 4:40pm

Watching Edmonton, Alberta duo Purity Ring perform live is always a pleasurable if not confusing experience. Their warm and bouncy chords are a wonder to listen to live, but some of the audiences they draw seem to go to shows with the intention of not enjoying themselves. This was evident at times during their Jimmy Kimmel performance.

Performing Another Eternity stand out “Begin Again,” the duo did what they do best with Megan James faithfully reproducing her sharp falsetto while Corin Roddick deftly played drum to synth inside their colourful light cocoons. Fortunately, as the song reached its end everyone shook off their apathy-apnea and showed some much-appreciated love. Now maybe we can do something about that poor woman for the single's new video.

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