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Premiere: Healings Makes Music for the Club And/Or Spa With "Bless"

Josh McIntyre of Prince Innocence branches out to make hybrid music that fuses two random settings.

by Slava Pastuk
Nov 18 2015, 4:55pm

Everyone deals with pain differently. There's no "right" way to go about trying to heal yourself, and for Josh McIntyre the journey of trying to get better was more interesting than the destination. Going under the artist name Healings, McIntyre releases a new project titled "Bless," a 15-minute sonic journey that features industrial strength remixes to familiar songs from artists like Rihanna. He's been working on it since January of this year during a trip to Florida, and is finally ready to release the project today. Most of the tracks were created between recording sessions Prince Innocence held throughout the year, making it a timestamp on the 2015 Josh McIntyre has had.

"The original plan for the project was to create a hybrid of new age and club music," explains McIntyre over email. "The idea behind the name Healings was to bridge the gap between the calming feeling you’d get in a spa versus the energy and vibrancy of a club. I think both can be surprisingly similar. That being said I hate clubs and I’ve never been to a spa so maybe its all in my head."

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