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Danny Brown is Working on a Dr. Seuss Inspired Children's Book

And also a new album.

by Emma Garland
Jan 6 2015, 8:10pm

In a recent interview with Australian radio station triple j, Danny Brown revealed that he’s working on a follow up album to 2013's Old. Oh, and a bloody children’s book, because life is neat like that.

Apparently aimed at encouraging confidence and body positivity in kids, the twin inspirations for the book are his 13-year-old daughter and the undisputed king of rhyming nonsense, Dr. Seuss. It's a perfect reference point, when you think about it; if Dr. Seuss had tried his hand at writing a book about a rapper, he probably would have come up with a character that looked and sounded a lot like Danny Brown.

Talking about the book, he says:

"It's really about self-esteem and black girls, I guess. You know how black women do so much - process their hair, change their eye colour - it's really about a little girl who does all these things to herself and changes herself and she realises she's just better off the way she is."

Stream the full 10 minute interview below, in which Danny talks about the book, his favourite cartoons, and the tribulations of wanting to do vocals for Disney films when you have a career path lined with songs about eating pussy.

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