The Best Rap Tunes of the Week: Grilled Cheeze, Vol. 8

This week's best new rap includes a new Redman verse, a Pat Benatar sample, and a song called "Dolphin Pussy."

Jul 31 2014, 6:14pm

Grilled Cheeze is a weekly mix of some of the best new rap songs from around the internet and the world. Check out past editions here. Send tracks to, and follow GRILLED CHEEZE on Soundcloud!

Jose Guapo – “Gordo”
In Jose's opening banter he says “I came out the pussy to get rich.” Look man, it's important to have goals.

Gucci Mane and Young Scooter - “Trap On Wheels”
There's a really stupid joke by legendary stupid comedian Steven Wright (a.k.a. "The Guy On The Couch" from Half Baked) about accidentally driving his house after he puts his car key in his front door. This is unfortunately not about Gucci Mane accidentally starting up his trap spot after putting the wrong key in the front door. It does bang, though.

GOD - “Church”
How the fuck you gonna name yourself GOD, god? He's good at rapping, and I'm late.

The-Dream - “Outkast”
Oh cool, it's The-Dream singing over his remake of “Everybody Loves The Sunshine.” Duh.

Two Fresh - “Blimpus”
Post-Jersey Club from two dudes from Nashville with a name that makes them sound like British ravers from 1993. Starkey's “Blimpus” remix got a lot of burn last week, but the OG goes too.

DJ Burn One - “Dolphin Pussy”
This is the first leak from Burn One's upcoming The Highlands album, out August 12. He's always been forward thinking and instrumentally inclined, and it's cool to hear him take a stab at different tempos and more dance-oriented production. Also it's called “Dolphin Pussy.” Son.

Lil Bibby and Kevin Gates - “We Are Strong”
It's Bibby and Gates and a Pat Benatar-sampling hook. I can't wait for Free Crack 2.

Jazz Lazer and Rayven Justice - “Dance With Me”
The Bay-centric Ratchet-n-B movement is extremely hit or miss—they can't all be “Red Nose.” But Jazz and Rayven have an undeniably sweet track here.

Cormega feat. AZ, Redman, and Styles P - “Mars (Dream Team)”
There's no need to justify any of the rappers on this track, but where the fuck has Redman been?

Skinny Friedman is off looking for Redman loosies. He's on Twitter - @skinny412


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