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J. Cole Kept His Promise to Attend a Fan's High School Graduation

In 2013, Cole told a fan he'd attend her graduation and help her financially if she got into a four-year college. Two years later, they both followed through.

by Emma Garland
Jun 25 2015, 11:34am

Some people let fame go to their heads. They start purchasing medieval castles, charging their fans over £200 to have a photo taken at arm's length away from them, and losing their shit on stage at the iHeartRadio Festival because their set got cut and they are "not Justin Bieber, you motherfuckers”. ​

J. Cole is absolutely not one of those people. From buying back his childhood home that was foreclosed after his mother was no longer able to afford it to showing up at a fan’s house to play them his new album, J. Cole is a guy who keeps it real and pays it forward. Back in 2013, teenage fan Cierra Bosarge wrote a letter to Cole that inspired him so much that he promised to attend her high school graduation, when the time came, if she was able to keep her grades up and make it into a four-year college.

Two years later, they both followed through on their promises.

Like the tooth fairy of higher education, only real and much better at rapping, Cole re-routed his whole tour to attend the ceremony, which took place yesterday. He also bought her books and said he'd help with her tuition, because Gabrielle was right, you guys, dreams really can come true.

Last month Noisey spent some time with J. Cole in his hometown of Fayetteville. You can read the full feature here.

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