It Is Monday, and Here Is a New EarthGang Song About That Called "Monday," Featuring Mac Miller

A long-rumored collaboration surfaces, along with details about a new project called Torba.

by Kyle Kramer
Feb 23 2015, 10:25pm

Mondays, am I right? They are worst. Until you discover that Atlanta duo EarthGang have released their first long-rumored song with Mac Miller, which is called "Monday," and which will also be part of a new project, which they are releasing imminently. That project is called Torba. As they told Complex, the name comes from the word for seven in the northern Ethiopian language of Oromo, which they chose because each track corresponds to a day of the week.

I've been a huge fan of EarthGang's dense lyricism and classically minded but contemporary sound for a while, but I've also been curious where they might take that sound. If "Monday" is any indication, they're burrowing deeper into it, which means smooth listening mixed with densely packed internal rhymes like "remember knuckles used to be the tool of choice / as little boys we used to use them / just to prove that we was man enough / no matter what the damage was." This is cool! I'm into it! Check out the song below, along with the tracklist for Torba.

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