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Premiere: Go Through Limbo with Teddy Fantum in His "Reality Interlude" Video

Death to TFHOUSE, Introducing Teddy Fantum.

by Noisey Canada Staff
Jul 10 2014, 2:51pm

Some of you may know Teddy Fantum by his old moniker, TFHOUSE, the rookie rapper who made a smoky and trippy brand of music that dealt with pain and romance in a sedated and whirled cadence, similar to a rap version of his affiliate, The Weeknd. Now, he's transitioning into a new phase in his career, and is doing so with a name change and a new album, Limbo. The first single off this album is "Reality Interlude," and was introduced to fans on the God Bless Toronto project. The video for "Reality Interlude" finds Teddy stuck in a pink room, with his silhouette rapping towards a brick wall.

The name Limbo is a representation of where Teddy currently find himself as he moves away from TFHOUSE and evolves into a new tone. It also represents the area Teddy is from, the Esplanade, which is positioned between Toronto's bustling financial district and it's clusters of subsidized homes that are known for being inhospitable to strangers.

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