Purity Ring's "Push Pull" Video Is the Spatial and Metaphysical Journey You Need Right Now

Drift in space and emotional space with Megan James in Purity Ring's new video.

by Kyle Kramer
Jan 29 2015, 3:08pm

Listening to Purity Ring has always been a little like taking a journey through not only space and time but also through the grander realm of metaphysics. Every cavernous drumbeat sounds like it could instantly be swallowed up into the emptiness of space or into the folds of your brain, in which every synapse is lighting up at lightning speed. Every note of Megan James's singing, every lyric, sounds like it could be broadcast over an intergalatic PA system but also like something that would take a legendary amount of courage just to whisper to someone right next to you. I feel like there is a good A Wrinkle in Time analogy to be drawn, but I don't really remember the specifics of that book except that it, too, was a journey through many dimensions.

Anyway, "Push Pull," off of Purity Ring's upcoming album another eternity (which, once again, is maybe like a chapter title in A Wrinkle in Time? I really need to re-read that book. I am going to read that book right after I finish work today), does all of the above. It is devastating. It is huge. It is a pop triumph for the space age and the philosophy age. And the video, which the band just released this morning via MTV (once again: pop triumph!), is a faithful depiction of that aesthetic and feeling. Megan James is alone in weightless space or at least a wind tunnel, face-to-face with us, as both a big deal, intergalactic star and a very vulnerable human being. It's simple but affecting, and, it will only get you more amped about space and make you cry more thinking about the push and pull of human interaction.

another eternity is out March 3 on 4AD, which gives us all just enough time to read A Wrinkle In Time and have a book club discussion or two. Let's do it. But first, watch the "Push Pull" video below:

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