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Atmosphere Returns with "Ringo," Announces a New Album

'Fishing Blues' is out August 12.

by Noisey Staff and Noisey Redactie
Jun 22 2016, 3:28pm

There's been a steady stream of music coming from the Atmosphere camp lately. Tracks like "Salma Hayek," "Fireflies," and 'Windows" had the Minneapolis duo in fine form, keeping their lyrics and beats sharp while drawing in talents like Grieves and Prof.

Slug let slip that all this was leading up to an album when we interviewed him earlier this month. "The songs are done," he said at the time, "but there’s a lot of shit that needs to get ironed out before we put it out." Well, now it seems to have come together. The group have now announced that Gone Fishing will be released on August 12 through Rhymesayers. And they've dropped a new track and video to go alongside the announcement too. "Ringo" is as upbeat as anything Atmosphere has come up with over the years, Slug's conversational style as sarcastic and pointed as ever. Beneath his hungover reflections, there's a commentary on quick-hit celebrity culture that the video draws on, an aging actor past his prime, wrestling with being usurped in a Medieval play.

Check out the video below.

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