Watch the Dirty Nil's Comically Violent Video for "Zombie Eyed"

Who wants to see people explode?
July 20, 2016, 2:37pm

Why is it that in comic books, victims of horrible accidents always end up getting super powers? Either they’re getting bitten by radioactive spiders or falling into some nuclear waste and coming out with superhuman strength or ultra speed. (Neither of these is an efficient method—we have tried.) Most of those accident victims go on to use their newfound powers to fight crime and save the planet. But what if they didn't? What if they were just plain dicks? That’s sort of the premise behind the Dirty Nil’s new video for “Zombie Eyed.”

Guitarist Luke Bentham says of it: "When some young kids from the West Coast pitched us this gratuitously violent video, they essentially told us they were gonna make it with or without our blessing. We all laughed and agreed to see where the chips landed."

The video sees a victim of a car accident wielding the power to explode everyone in sight with a flick of the wrist. And she does so with cartoonishly violent results until it all comes back to bite her. So maybe it’s a lesson in morality, or maybe it’s just an excuse to watch people explode into a pile of guts and appendages. Either way, check it out.

“Zombie Eyed” is off of the Dirty Nil’s superhumanly good album, Higher Power. They are going on tour with Billy Talent soon and we highly recommend checking them out if they’re in your town. Just don’t hit them with your car. Dates below.

9/5 - Kansas City, MO at The Riot Room

9/6 - Minneapolis, MN at Varsity Theater

9/7 - Milwaukee, WI at The Rave Bar

9/10 - New York, NY at Gramercy Theatre

9/11 - Cambridge, MA at The Sinclair

9/13 - Philadelphia, PA at The Foundry at The Fillmore

9/14 - Washington DC at Rock & Roll Hotel

9/16 - Grand Rapids, MI at The Pyramid Scheme

9/17 - Kalamazoo, MI at District Square