Schoolboy Q Almost Quit After 'Oxymoron,' But He Didn’t So It’s OK

His Hot 97 interview also covered the impact of lean and the upcoming release of 'Blank Face.'

by Noisey Staff
Jul 6 2016, 7:16pm

We’ve been getting psyched for the release of Schoolboy Q’s Blank Face for a while now, with good reason. The Californian has set himself on fire, teamed up with Kanye, and released two brilliantly shot, thoroughly engrossing videos in the lead up to the release of fourth full-length. Blank Face drops on July 8—that’s this Friday—and it promises to be a stunner.

But in his interview with Hot 97 this morning, the rapper talked about how close he came to calling it quits after the release of his last record, 2014’s Oxymoron:

I almost quit for this album… I was gone for a year and a half and then before that I was gone for a year, and then before that I was gone for six months. That’s three years. My daughter’s seven. The first two years I didn’t raise her because I was dirt broke. Then I only got two years in with her. My daughter’s always lived with me so I only got two years of raising her out of seven years. I’m not about to be that rapper, I’m not about to be that person that puts his job and his business, his money over his family. I go out and I please everybody else, making this money and making other people money, Meanwhile my kid, my family, they’re sitting back waiting for me to come home. That ain’t cool.

That thread of honesty ran through the whole interview. They talked about lean and the addictions that he used to battle with. Schoolboy says hasn’t really touched the stuff since 2012 and, hey, the dude’s lost 30 pounds. And when the topic of the general election came up, he said he “ain’t never voted in my life.” So he won’t be opening up for Hillary Clinton soon. Darn.

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