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Twin Shadow Gives "Girls Your Age" by Transviolet a Slinky Rework

Even with a busted hand Twin Shadow ups the ante on this remix of the mysterious LA-Via-Ny newbies.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Aug 11 2015, 4:00pm

LA via NYC quartet Transviolet have only dropped one song—the spaciously sexy "Girls Your Age"—and barely a month in and it's already clocked up 100k plus spins on Soundcloud. With the song coming in somewhere between the knowingness of Lana and the lilt of Lorde, its insta-appeal is clear. Of the song, the shadowy crew said this: "Coming of age is violent. It's beautiful and it's terrifying. It pulls you into this whirlwind of self discovery. You are trying to figure out what you want, and who you are, and simultaneously the world is crashing into you. Just find what you love, and be brave enough to chase it."

We agree with all of these sentiments and above is the premiere of Twin Shadow's remix of said song. Also a NY-LA transplant, Twin Shadow ups the funk, throws in some guitars, and allows the speed to scurry up the BPMs. The result is a grittier, more urgent composition and its a reimagining Transviolent are very down for: "We love the creative choices George (Twin Shadow) made. He nailed it. That funky guitar riff kills—and all with a broken arm! He's an animal. We are fangirling hard over here."