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PREMIERE: Paul Chin and Miselle Emulate Heartbreak on “Be Alright”

You'd think one of the Toronto artists had just gotten dumped.

by Dean Rosen
Aug 28 2015, 2:53pm

Photo courtesy of Paul Chin

They say heartbreak makes the best art, but what happens when someone tries to emulate those somber emotions? Fresh off of the release of his Dancing Drums EP, Paul Chin has released a new break-up themed track, even though he and his collaborator are both in a happy relationships. On “Be Alright,” the Toronto-based designer, producer and DJ blends his ambient instrumental with singer Miselle’s powerful vocals and the result is so convincing you’d think one of them had just gotten dumped.

“When Miselle and I write together, it usually starts with me laying out a basic melodic loop while she feels it out for vocal lines and lyrics, which we then refine over multiple passes,” Chin explains. “This track was a particularly funny exercise in tapping into emotional expression because neither of us are in this place right now; she just got married, and I just got engaged! This is for everyone who’s been strung along and hurt by some loser who couldn’t recognise the good thing they just threw away. It gets better.”

Stream the track below...

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