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Sexual Recognize Sexual: The Weeknd Has Remixed Bryson Tiller's "Rambo"

It only makes sense that the two would link up eventually.

by Emma Garland
Mar 31 2016, 10:16am

If you only know one thing about The Weeknd it's probably that he is a notorious sex person. His is the kind of music that feels at home in red lighting, so much so that it's almost uncomfortable to listen to in the cold light of day when you're buying a Boots meal deal with coffee stains all down your trousers. Similarly, Bryson Tiller—who you probably know a little less about (unless you wisely read our very comprehensive overview of his come up)—is a rapper so sensual he self-describes his music as ‘trapsoul’ and loved it so much he made it the title of his debut album as well. It only makes sense that the two would link up eventually. Sexual recognzse sexual.

After a snippet found its way online earlier this week, The Weeknd has released a full remix of Bryson Tiller's "Rambo," featuring bars that see Abel go all the way in—like, if Kanye West was "in it" in 2013, then The Weeknd has now set a new benchmark for what "in" actually means. It's a reminder of why we all fell in love with his voice in the first place; fast-paced, breathy, and dexterous. But it's also a testament to Tiller, who The Weeknd had to pull out all the stops just to keep up with.

Listen below.

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