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Watch the Video for "Inside Out" by Imposter(s)

Why is the star of this video writhing like this? We'll have what she's having.

by Noisey Staff
Jan 21 2014, 4:45pm

Not to be a creep but when we started watching this video we weren't really listening to the music. We were hypnotized by the female protagonist writhing around. What is happening to her? Why is she touching herself like that? How come she's having so much fun? Is she, as the title of the song suggests, being turned inside out, and was that a nipple? We'll have what she's having.

The track itself is a mesmeric trip: plinkety guitars, propulsive beats, and Thom Yorke-ian incantations.

Here's what is known about Imposter(s):

- They like hats (we've deduced this from their press shot).

- They're a Canadian duo.

- This track is the first of three tunes on indie-electronic label Rare Beef.

- The whispers on wind is that they're not a bunch of newbies, but in fact boast a musical history that's a tad richer than your average new kid on the block. #interested.

Sadly the wind isn't being more forthcoming than that. Stupid cryptic wind. Nevertheless, we'll be keeping and ear out.