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Listen to Mestizo and Doseone's "Turning Tables"

These dudes should ghostwrite for Satan.

by Drew Millard
Mar 6 2014, 4:05pm

Sometimes rap is better when it's dense as fuck and so experimental you can imagine the dudes making it had a bunch of beakers in the booth, which is essentially the guiding principle of the great Anticon label. Philly spitter Mestizo has learned this lesson well, and his new "Turning Tables" is the sort of slap that actively makes you smarter. Oh, also did I mention Anticon don Doseone is on this? Both Mestizo and Doseone absolutely kill their verses, rapping with teeth bared and no fucks given. Dose sounds like an absolute MONSTER here, his gravely voice defying logic and ending his verse by calmly dropping, "Shout out to death." These dudes should ghostwrite for Satan.


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