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Weekend Nachos Say "You're Not Punk"

Check out the new track from 'Still' and try to disagree.
October 10, 2013, 3:54pm

Let's face facts, Weekend Nachos is one of the best band names ever, even better considering the Chicago quartet's chosen genre. The Chicago quartet's explosive cocktail of vitriol and nitro mixes brutal hardcore with metal, power violence and more, diametrically opposite from what their possibly ganja-clouded, fuzz-rock-name may suggest.

The band's latest ode to stage dives and head walking is Still, the new LP due on Relapse Records on November 11th. So far the band has released two songs from Still, "S.C.A.B." and "Satan Sucker", but clearly today's new track serves as a bit of a manifesto the band. Peep "You're Not Punk" along with the other two tracks below. Preorder yours at the Relapse store.

Reminder, Weekend Nachos will join Infest, Integrity 1993, Bloodlet, In Cold Blood, Full of Hell and more at A389 Anniversary 2014.


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